Ways To Increase Blog Traffic – Full Guide

Ways To Increase Blog Traffic – Full Guide
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Hi, friends Today we are going to discuss ways to increase blog traffic. By the way, Millions of people have created their blog but all people not getting success in Blogging for many reasons. There are some reasons like not getting visitors, not getting their blog in search engines,  not getting an approval of Adsense and much more.


Ways to increase blog traffic


The main reason is that they not make the full blog and apply for Adsense. And when Adsense look on their blog they don’t get a complete blog and they reject their blog. If you want to know how to complete your full blog then read this full article.

Now I am going to tell you some Ways to increase blog traffic. If you will follow this method you will get traffic every day.

Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

  • Use Fast Loading Template    

Always use a light template which takes very less time to open. If your blog will take more time you visitors will bore and leave your blog. So always use fast loading templates.

  • Use Social Share Button in Blog Post                                                                                                              

Your Blog should have social sharing button. If any visitor reading your blog post and they get some interesting thing from your blog then they can easily share your post. Then your blog will also get traffic from there.

  • The Title of Blog Post Should be Viral                                                                                                            

If you will choose viral title there is more chance to get traffic and your title length should also longer because google search engine can easily find the long tail title.

  • Comment On Other Blog and Reply On Comments                                                                        

 When you get few time comments on others famous Blogs. And leave your blog Url in the comment section. So Visitors can also visit on your Blog.

Always give the reply to your blog visitors and help them. If you will do like this then visitors also tell to their friend and always come on your blog when they need help.

  • Use of Label or Keyword                                                                                                                        

When you post any article on your blog always chose a labels or categories. It will help your visitors to find their post in your Blog

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