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How To Turn Your Old Smartphone Into a Powerful cctv Camera

How To Turn Your Old Smartphone Into a Powerful cctv Camera
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Nowadays people upgrade their phones every two-three years. In such a situation, old phones have no special use. If the old phone camera is in the right position then it can also be used like CCTV or a security camera. In this way, you can keep an eye on them even if you are away from your home, office, children or even your pets. So let’s know how …

How will it work?

First of all, you need to download an app. Download the ‘Security Camera’ app from the Play Store or App Store. Let us know that this app will work on both Android and iOS.

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How to use?

  • First, download the ‘Security Camera’ app on your phone.
  • After downloading the app, users will be asked for their Google account. Users submit details of their Google Account to the app.
  • After filling your name and password click enter. Now you will see two options’ camera and viewer.
  • Now click on the camera app in it and click the Next button.
  • After selecting the camera app, the camera will automatically turn on your phone. Now the camera viewer will wait for the client.
  • Your smartphone may also select the user screen view.
  • Now the camera of the smartphone can go blank or in Visible mode.
  • If you select the Blank Screen option, the smartphone screen will be off during the recording.
  • Now you can start streaming  (live video) through your camera.
  • Now you have to choose a place from where the video can be recorded properly.


Note: –  Keep the phone connected to the charger. Recording can not be seen in case the phone switch off. So keep checking the phone continuously.


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