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How To Increase View On YouTube Video 9 Best tips & tricks 2017

How To Increase View On YouTube Video 9 Best tips & tricks 2017
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Hi, Friends Today I will tell you how to Increase View On YouTube Video.If you have a channel and not getting enough view so read this post till last.And According to YouTube new policy if you don’t have 10,000 views on your channel you can’t monetize your video.

Increase View On YouTube
Increase View On YouTube

How To Increase View On YouTube Video

It is not an easy job to get the view on the youtube video. But today I will tell you some tip if you will follow this it really help you to get more viewers and subscribers

1. Select Best topic for your channel

The topic is the more important thing on youtube. You can use Google keyword for keyword selection. There are some most trending topics Health and Fitness Tips, Beauty care tips, Current news, Earn Money and Top 10. If you will upload video related to these topics you will get more viewers in less time.

2. Add A featured video or playlist on YouTube  

It’s very easy and effective way to increase view when someone reaches to your video they might be open more video from your channel if you have created a playlist or have featured video.

3. Know Your subscriber

It means know your subscriber that what your subscriber loves. To know that go into your video section and check out your popular videos chose the category of popular video. And upload video related to that topics.

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4. Speak and Talk To Your Subscriber

When You create videos In the start of the video you should always tell to Like, Comment and Subscribe to your viewers. And always give the reply to their comment.

5. Share Video Playlist link instead of videos Link

when you share your link on social media I would like to suggest you that you should share your playlist link because In playlist there are lots of videos. when One video end next video start automatically that is the benefit of sharing playlist link.

6. Use End Screen & Annotations

End Screen & Annotations is the best option for increasing view. In End Screen, you can use a playlist of video similar to those videos. Annotations are shown only in computers but End Screen show in both Computer as well as in Mobile.

7. Use Good Title, Description and Tags

To get more view the most important thing is Title. Youtube maximum title length is 100. But You should use light title between 60-70 words.Repeat the title once or twice in Description. Don’t mesh description with keyword it can be bad for SEO.And In last use, the same keyword once in the Tag.

8. Video comment to other Channel

Comment on those channels which is like same as yours. It gives a chance that their viewers can check out your channel and if you have good content they can be a fan of your and they will surely subscribe you.

9. Use Channel Intro and Logo

Using a channel Intro gives a good impression. And the logo is the symbol of professional.

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So this is the way To Increase View On YouTube Video. If you like this article Please share it and Comment if there is any problem.




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